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About Citizen Jane Blog

Thanks for checking out this experiment/blog I am creating. We live in tumultuous times, and I would like to participate in documenting it. 

The purpose of this site is to provide insight into a variety of issues and topics. This will be offered through a series of debates and conversations. The only "rules" are no name calling or overly emotional rhetoric. 

Too often, our communication on and offline is overrun by our own biases. This site will offer the opportunity to hear from, disagree with, and ideally learn from those with experiences and perspectives that are different than our own. 

Additionally, I know that I often regret my initial reaction in a heated debate because it is overrun by emotion. This site will offer the opportunity for discussions to occur over extended periods of time, thus allowing for less irrationality and more reflection. 

Are you interested in trying to learn something new? Do you want to become a better communicator? Is there something you just want to get off your chest? Then please explore the site and perhaps participate in a debate! 

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